What clothing should I wear for riding??

We suggest that customers, going on the route wear: long trousers
and enclosed footwear.
Long trousers are recommended, for the prevention of chafing.


Recommendations routes: We encourage our customers to apply
sunscreen before they start the route, to wear sunglasses and ensure that they bring isotonic drinks
and plenty of water, with them, Drugs and alcohol are banned..
We recomment that all customers complete the form provided which will indicate their level of riding.
The horse which will be assigned will depend .
on each individual customers level of experience..

What do I need to bring?

In our company it is obligatory that customers wear helmets at all times
for the duration of the chosen route..

Will it be galloping or trotting over the course of the route??

Depending on the riding level of the customer and the route chosen, there may be
sections of trotting and cantering..

What are the options for young children??

n these instances there are three possible options: The first option
would be for the child to ride on the same horse with the adult, the second option
would be to use a mare that can be ridden by children from 7-8 years old depending on the
childs riding level, he third option would be that the child rides the horse
but is accompanied by a guide on foot , at all times. .

What type of mares do you have??

We have several types of mares available::
1) Mares available for beginners or those initiated in horsemanship.
2) Mares for medium to high levels in riding.
3) Mares for riding experts.

What is the maximum riding weight??

Our company policy indicates that the maximum weight to ride one of our horses
95 kilos.

Can the company provide appropriate footwear for customers? ?

Yes , we have a limited amount of boots and gaiters available in various. sizes.